Adam Holý

Born 1974 in Ustí nad Labem, CZ. Works as a freelance photographer on the field of art, advertising, portrait photography and fashion. Lives and works in Prague.

2010 New York City art residency
2010 Theatre Institute Artist residency stipend, El Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico 1989-1994 VOS and SPSG, Shool of photograpy and design, Hellichova, Prague
Photography assistance
2001 Ellen von Unwerth

Selected solo exhibitions

2011- string therory, galerie laboratorio, prague curated by Jolanta Trojak
2010- Beauteous, perfect face, fotograf gallery, prague, curated by Pavel Vančát
2009- Crosfield, meetfactory gallery, curated by Zuzana Blochová
2009- Stasis Chamber 3+1, with Erwin Olaf, curated by David Korecký and Alena Kotzmannová, Langhans Gallery, Prague
2007 Revelation, curated by Michal Pěchouček, Jelení Gallery, Prague
2004-2011 permanent large interior installation, Jam Cafe Národní třída, Prague Curated by Ivan Zachariáš
2001 TRASHSTAR NUDES, France - espace des art plastiques, Sain die des Vosges, France
2000 TRASHSTAR NUDES, Radost FX Gallery, Prague

Selected group exhibitions

2012- Wish you were here, Exhibition at Roodkapje Rotterdam, curated by Stefan Tijs, Nicola Kirkaldy en Roosmarijn Mascini
2011- "Meedan Latschare" Galerie Warhus Rittershaus Koeln,curated by Markus Selg und Astrid Sourkova
2011 Meetfactory, Residents, Prague, curated by Pavel Vančát
2011 EROTIC REVUE, GASK, Kutná Hora,Curators: Hynek Alt, Jiří Thýn, Ondřej Chrobák
2010 Galerie Fotografie Louvre, Eroticon, Prague curated by Edith Jeřábková
2010 Langhans Gallery, Ego, curated by Robert v. Novak, Pavel Turek, Prague
2010 Am180 gallery, SCANDINAVIA exhibition, curated by Jakub Hošek, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 New Age, New Document, curated by Tomáš Pospěch, Prague Biennale 4
2009 VIA LUCIS 1989-2009, curated by Tomáš Pospěch, CZECH SOCIETY IN PHOTOGRAPHS, Bruxelles
2008 I Don´t exist when you don´t see me, curated by Jiří Ptáček, FUTURA gallery, Prague
2007-2009 designblok, Prague
2007-Paris Photo, Leica Gallery
2006 Process, curated by Mark Divo, Prague
2006 Land locked, Atrium and Well Gallerie LONDON COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATION, UK, curated by Jan Čihák, Jan Freiberg
2005 Erotic Dreams, curated by Mariana Judová, Prague
2004-2006 Movie poster, Mánes Gallery Prague, Czech centres New York, Chicago
2001 London, Prague City (Why not associates London, Studio Najbrt), Prague and London
2000 Živel (Redesign), Paris

Vice, Creativity Magazine New York, Variety, Shots, Shoot Online, Magazine Net, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Živel (Design + Style + Overground Magazine), Hype, Blok, Dolcevita, Fotograf
List of selected movie posters
International film festival Karlovy Vary 2000-2006, Nestyda, Pelíšky, Paralelní světy, Želary, Richard III, Cyrano, Pouta
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